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Online Appointments: Guidelines and Rules

  1. A valid email address is required.
  2. Sorry, cats only.
  3. All appointments will include spay/neuter and "NS" tattooed in left ear to identify the cat as neutered or spayed. Tattooing is a mandatory part of our service. All cats that come to the Neuter Scooter are tattooed in the left ear and the females are also tattooed on the belly. The ear tattoo is for the shelters. If your cat is lost and ends up in a shelter, it has a much better chance of making it out alive if it is spayed/neutered. The belly tattoo is for the veterinarians. If your cat is found by someone and taken to a vet, the doctor's time is not wasted on a spayed animal. Also, the cat is not put through a redundant surgery. Please do not bring your cat to the Neuter Scooter if you do not agree with our policy.
  4. Check-in time for most clinics begins at 9:00 am. You will be provided with exact check-in time and location after your appointment is verified.
  5. Cash or money order ONLY on day of clinic.

and Rules