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FAQ The Neuter Scooter

How much does it cost?

$50/day of clinic. Other services are available for additional charges. Financial assistance is available in some areas.

How young can my pet be spayed/neutered?

There are many myths and very outdated conventional wisdom on the subject of the earliest age at which a cat may be "fixed". We will spay/neuter cats that are over 6 weeks of age. There are a number of health benefits from spaying and neutering, and recovery in animals under 6 months of age is excellent!

How is a mobile vet clinic different?

Being a mobile clinic gives us the flexibility to accommodate many needs. Some examples are:

Low-cost spay/neuter clinic day Individuals make reservations to meet the Neuter Scooter clinic at a well-known public location in your community, like a mall parking lot. After filling out paperwork and asking any questions, the cats are checked into the clinic. The clinic goes off to a surgery site where the services are performed and the cats are allowed to recover. Later that day, the clinic will return to the location where the clients checked-in and cats are discharged with post-operative care instructions.
Humane Organization Visits We are very committed to helping spay/neuter animals for humane organizations. When organizations can present high enough volume of animals, or in some cases, when there are simply no other options available for affordable veterinary services in the community, the Neuter Scooter can help.

Where will the Neuter Scooter be?

Please visit our calendar.

How do I make an appointment?

Please Check for a clinic near you.

Why is a Tattoo required?

Tattooing is a mandatory part of our service. All cats that come to the Neuter Scooter are tattooed in the left ear and the females are also tattooed on the belly. The ear tattoo is for the shelters. if your cat is lost and ends up in a shelter, it has a much better chance of making it out alive if it is spayed/neutered. The belly tattoo is for the veterinarians. If your cat is found by someone and taken to a vet, the doctor’s time is not wasted on a spayed animal. Also, the cat is not put through a redundant surgery. Please do not bring your cat to the Neuter Scooter if you do not agree with our policy.

The Neuter Scooter What about feral cats?

The Neuter Scooter is also very involved in helping spread the word about humane alternatives to trapping and killing stray & feral (wild) cats. Many communities have adopted a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) policy for feral cats, which, in conjunction with feral cat caretakers monitoring feral cats in managed colonies, is the most humane method of handling a community's feral cat problem. The Neuter Scooter offers a special program for feral cats. Cats/colonies meeting the program requirements can receive their spay/neuter surgery plus vaccinations for $20 per cat.

Click here to find out about scheduling ferals.

What other services does the Neuter Scooter offer?

The Neuter Scooter is strictly a spay/neuter clinic.  We do provide the following services with the surgery if requested.  We do not declaw cats.  You may click on any of the services listed below to find out more about them. 


What if my cat is in heat, pregnant or nursing?

Cats can be spayed at any point in their cycle. We strongly suggest you spay your cat if you think she is pregnant. Spaying does not effect milk production. If the kittens are too young to be without the queen, then you should bring the cat with her kittens in a carrier large enough to accomodate them. Being 'in heat' does not interfere with spaying a cat.

Where is the clinic's drop-off location?

It is our policy not to release the address of a clinic's drop off location until after you have scheduled an appointment for your cat.

We've found that if we make the address available to people before they schedule an appointment, people bring their cats without making an appointment. This can make it very difficult to check-in the cats in a timely manner.

After you make your appointment, the system will show you where the drop off location will be.

Do you accept payment by mail?

No, the Neuter Scooter does not accept payment by mail.

Can I bring multiple cats in one carrier?

You can bring multiple cats in one carrier as long as the cats get along, and can lie down comfortably in the carrier after surgery. We ask that you bring a pillow case for each cat, so that we can separate them quickly in the unlikely event that they do not get along after surgery.

What time can I pick-up my cat after surgery?

The pick-up time depends on the number of cats we are spaying/neutering, so the exact pick-up time can't be determined until the morning of the clinic.

What rules must I agree to before scheduling an appointment?

Please read and understand these Neuter Scooter policies before you schedule an appointment:

Guidelines and Rules for Online Appointments

What are the pre-surgery care instructions?

No food after 9 pm the night before surgery. Water is fine.

What are the post-surgery home care instructions?

This is a major surgery; take good care of your pet to avoid pain, problems and costs.

Your cat will be recovering from sedation when you take it home. Please keep your cat confined in a warm, quiet place the night after the surgery. Even if this is an outdoor cat, it must be kept inside the night after the surgery. We recommend a confined room, and a warm blanket to recover on, no cold floors! Do not leave your cat in a carrier overnight unless the carrier can easily accommodate a fluffy warm bed, food, water, and a litter box. All cats should be closely monitored for 48 hours after surgery. Report any difficulty breathing immediately. The Neuter Scooter handles all post-operative problems, if you take your cat to another veterinarian without calling our emergency number for prior approval; we will not be liable for any medical costs you incur.

Set your cat up with food, water and a litter box. Minimize all stimuli. Eating will speed your cat's recovery. Vomiting may occur the first night after surgery. By the morning after surgery your cat should be eating, drinking and using the litterbox. If not, watch your cat closely. If you feel your cat is not doing well, please contact us!

If your cat is not waking up within an hour of discharge, check its temperature. The most common post-operative problem is low body temperature. If the rectal temperature is below 100 degrees F, consider it an emergency and call the Neuter Scooter immediately! You will need to warm it up with a heating pad or electric blanket set on low, or hot water bottles. Do not give your cat any pills for pain. Cats can't tolerate Advil, Aspirin, Tylenol, etc ... Aside from post-op pain shot; the best thing to give your cat for pain is a warm comfortable bed. Heat and love are great antidotes for pain.

Sutures are absorbable and do not need to be removed.

What follow up veterinary care should my cat receive?

If your cat gets vaccinated and has never been vaccinated before, you must get a booster for the Fel-O-Vax IV and/or Leukemia in 3 weeks. This single vaccination offers your cat no protection! It simply starts the immune process. Just like with children, cats need boosters to develop resistance to disease. Please take your cat and this spay/neuter certificate to your local veterinarian for a booster in 3 weeks!

If your cat received a rabies vaccination today, it needs a booster in 1 year. Your cat may be required by local ordinances to wear the rabies tag. Contact your area animal control department for more information.